November 4, 2012

Shelley posted a great bit about women in the firearms industry and the respect everyone should be giving them without question. I guess I never really thought about treating women differently than men when it comes to firearms.

There a lot of new companies coming out with kydex holsters. One problem is that their websites aren’t the greatest to browse through. I really want to support small kydex makers but when I can’t even see what their products look like or understand the pricing I just give up.

Train, learn, discuss. Just don’t be a dick about it.” So true, so true.

This guest post over at Monderno is pretty interesting. I was right in the middle of the flood zone and witnessed a lot of what happened to people. I saw the lines of people at gas stations and the cars underwater. I really didn’t understand why people just HAD to have gas. I guess people can’t survive without electricity. I talked to a couple police officers for a while on Friday and they said up in the Bronx people are getting in fist fights over bottles of water, all while people at the Apple store are cheering with iPad Minis in hand. We are in the middle of a crisis and Apple still just has to release their new iPad.


Headed home this weekend. We sighted in a friend of a friend’s shotgun. It’s always nice to see that someone else is becoming interested in firearms and hunting. He got a Remington 870 with both a smooth and rifled cantilever barrel with green furniture. Talk about a nice looking gun.

Then my friend and I shot .22’s at some left over pumpkins from the fields. I miss being able to hang out and just shoot .22’s by ourselves. Someday I’ll be back to this life.

Sorry for the lack of postings. I haven’t had much content because of the lack of electricity this past week. Now I have to find out a way to get to the city on Monday. Trains will be down for a long time. This storm is really going to screw up NYC.

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