January 29, 2013

My brother first told me about this nonsense NYPD is pulling. Concealed firearm detecting cameras is what they are starting test. Part of me is excited for this. You may be confused why I’m excited. The reason is that I can’t wait to machine a gun shaped piece of stainless steel and get “detected” by one of these things. The obvious problem with these detectors is the officers who will be operating the cameras. The problem is that if someone is legally carrying, who isn’t an officer, they will most likely be arrested because the officers don’t know the laws. Where I work we are issued concealed carry permits (no, I’m not a police officer). So if one of us were to get stopped by this useless detector we most likely would be arrested. I know the gestapo the NYPD won’t educate the officers on this exception so I can’t wait for that. At what point are they intruding on your privacy? And how will they determine if you are legally carrying through the camera? If you are carrying then every time you go in view of one of these cameras you will presumably be alerted to police. That’s going to get pretty annoying. I hope off duty police officers get stopped and become annoyed with it, assuming they are carrying. Soon NYC will become Nazi Germany or London. Can’t wait to get out of this city.

The inside of this cabin looks like a dream.

Gunmart posted a nice review of the Revision Vipertails. I’ve got a couple pairs of Revisions and I completely agree about the quality of the glasses.

I’m curious just how many people will register their AR-15’s/death machines/assault rifles. I hope there’s statewide civil disobedience.

This made me laugh. I forget where I got this but its not mine.


I came across this in our vault:

photo (1)A Walther TPH. Recently I’ve gained an appreciation for PPK’s and similar models made by Walther.



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