February 7, 2013

Nothing like a little full auto RPD to start off the morning before I head to class.

photo 2

Couldn’t agree with you more.

Wait, people believe that the NYPD will protect them? Even before I heard this story I knew they were useless not going to protect me.

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I refinished a pair of one of the Colt’s we re-blued. Here’s a picture of the grips midway through the process. At this point I stained them and then lightly sanded them. ¬†photo 2

Here’s a picture of the grips after I finished them. I put glossy coat of polyurethane on them after I sanded them smooth.

photo 3photo 4

photo 2

Sorry for the awkward angle of some of the pictures. Couldn’t get the light just perfect.¬†Really happy with how these three turned out. We had a Colt in for refinishing but we sent that to Colt to be refinished.

If you want a lower receiver then go check out Shadow Ops Weaponry and get yourself one. We’ll see how long they’ll take to ship me one.

Ya, me too.

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