February 6, 2013

After work yesterday, my brother came in to the shop and we worked on some magazine carriers and some other holster work. First let me show you this magnificent piece of argyle:

photo 3


My brother wanted to laser engrave a design on his holster we made. No one had any ideas so I said argyle. Looks pretty spiffy. It got a lot of love on Facebook. Still waiting for Mike Mers to respond…

We blued a few revolvers yesterday. Terribly pitted from Hurricane Sandy’s salty mess. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before picture of the revolvers. But I can say they came out absolutely beautiful. I really love refinishing guns. It’s the fact that you can take a gun that looks like garbage and bring it back to the condition it was when it came off the factory floor.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The gunsmith that is trying to teach me everything he knows is making one of the coolest coffee tables I’ve seen.

photo 4The legs of the table will be 4 of these blackpower pistols pointing inward at each other with a whiskey barrel in the middle. He’s slowly making each pistol. If anyone knows anyone that would be interested in buying this table let me know. Just be aware, it’s going to be seriously expensive.

photo 1


photo 2


5 thoughts on “February 6, 2013

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    • Well I don’t know the exact price of it yet but it’ll be in the 5 digit range. I’ll keep everyone updated on the status of his table. Thanks for reading Caleb

  2. Unfortunately we don’t have a compact Witness that I could use to make the holster. We’ve got plenty of full size Witness’s though. Otherwise I’d try to make you one ha

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