February 1, 2013

Gunmart has a nice response to Caleb’s anonymity issue.

Here’s an interesting read from Weapon Blog that I was emailed. If that really happens I’m not sure that the federal government is ready for what will happen.

I can’t wait to see the Arsenal Strike One when they come arrive at our shop. And their silly double barrel 1911.

Check out this video from Vice that ENDO posted:

I disagree with most of the video but it’s interesting to hear their point of view. And ya, private gun sales are scary as hell *eye roll*.

It’s still a Buell. Those bikes vibrate so much that your brain actually comes loose. You’d have to swap out the entire bike to make it a nice bike.

I’ve been looking into various weapons storage units for our guns at work. I saw this Stanley weapons storage system at SHOT this year. I’ve looked at these drawers before on the web but it was nice to see them in person. They don’t hold as many guns as you or I would expect unfortunately. I’d like to get a few to try out in one of our vaults but I’m not sure it’ll be worth it.


I’m a bit low on content these days, sorry. Hopefully this weekend my brother and I will make an OWB holster for his M&P. And in a couple weeks I am going home to hunt with our varmint permits that just arrived at the farm.

Here’s a fun fact about the NYPD I learned in one of my classes:

.16% of the time the police find a gun during stop and frisk, yes that’s a fraction of a percent. Good work guys, it sounds like it’s working stupendously. Sort of like that 12 pound trigger pull you’ve got.

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  2. Looks like a normal Stanley-Vidmar cabinet with some added inserts in the drawers. Look around a machine shop auctions and such and you can pick up the cabinets for $50-$400. Just bought one last weekend that looks like the pictured one for $50! And a big six foot tall one with foot high drawers for $200. That’s here in Texas, not sure what prices would be in your area. I bet Stanley will sell the inserts separately, or you could fab something pretty easily.

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