January 30, 2015

I was just reading this TTAG post about the Remington R51 updates and I had a few thoughts. First off read the short list of minor changes they made. If this is what it took to get the gun running then why’d it take a year to get fixed!? I know a gunsmith that could have had that gun fixed in a matter of one day. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s as if Remington had one gunsmith working on fixing the gun on his lunch break while he was assembling rifles. I just don’t understand. I’m not sure why the heck it took one year to “fix” the gun.

December 15, 2014

I was driving around with my mom one night and this guy started beeping at us while I was waiting to drive at a stop sign because I didn’t go. There was a car coming from my right, which he couldn’t see so I didn’t pull out. Well the jerk that I am made me give him the finger. He gave me the finger back. That’s where it ended. Just two knuckleheads being knuckleheads to each other. Then my mom said “what would happen if that guy had a gun. What if he pulled up next to us and had a gun.” Great point Mom. Then Rob Pincus linked to this video on his Instagram soon after this all happened:

YouTube Preview Image

I really do enjoy off body carry for comfort and ease of draw. Also I do like carrying with a light and currently I only have an OWB holster for that not an IWB holster. Although recently I have been carrying with my OWB holster but I worry it’s too bulky for summer carry. It’s nice being around the farm for carrying because I don’t need to worry about printing.

Back to my mother’s question. For someone that isn’t interested in firearms, she brings up a great point. How fast would it take me to draw with my seat belt, winter coat, button up and a t-shirt in the way? I tried it to see how long it would take and it was silly. It made me think about carrying while in a vehicle. I began to realize how long it would take for me unholster if it was holstered in the 4 o’clock position. Moral of the story, I must train to get faster. I must take classes. Perhaps from Rob.

Here’s my mom shooting my brother’s H&R Handi-rifle in .300 blackout with a SIlencerco Harvester suppressor in our backyard. IMG_4197

September 17, 2014

I finally made an Etsy store with the help and encouragement of a few people. You can find it here or just search on Etsy “LockeWoods”. Here are some pictures of what I’m offering so far. The following photographs were taken by Simon Ingall:

pen_and_holder_013pen_and_holder_019 pen_and_holder_008 planters_065 planters_047 planters_051Thanks everyone for alll the support and encouragement to get this started. We’ll see where this takes me.



September 10, 2014

I have been kind of quiet on here lately. I get in these weird periods where I don’t feel like writing. I feel like no one wants to read what I have to write about. I have nothing that interesting to write about. I’ll just post some pictures I have from the past couple weeks.

We went and shot some clays in PA one weekend. Great location. Lehigh Clays. If you’ve got the time and are in the area definitely go check out their stations.

photo 4

A friend showed me his modification he made to his PPS magazines. He found the 7 round magazines to be too long and obnoxious so he sanded them down. Good idea.

photo 5 (1)

Here’s my PPS with a Streamlight TLR-4 I dug up. Been looking for a weapon light that fits this small rail. This seemed to work great. A bit bulky but a great combo.

photo 5

I started to make stone inlay rings. This one is made out of brass. I want to try to see how the inlay will hold up to gold plating. Sometime I’ll get around to that.

photo 3 (1)

My brother and dad made this cider press. It’s a terrible picture but it uses a car bottle jack, that is terribly crooked in this picture. Simon and I used it to quickly press around 25 gallons of cider for him to make hard cider out of.

photo 3

I am finishing up two more of the wood planters right now. This is one I curved the top of on the lathe. I’ll post pictures of a lot of the recent wood working I’ve done once I get some pictures taken this weekend.

photo 1




July 8, 2014

I was going to write a little rant about this controversy concerning the 19-year old cheerleader who posted hunting photos but I don’t think there’s much of a point. I think anyone that knows me knows exactly how I feel. It upsets me so much to read some of the comments people are writing. I assume those same people are against people hunting deer too! If you eat meat then you shouldn’t knock hunting. If you only knew where your meat comes from. That’s all I want to say.

Enough with these useless tools!

Another amazing video from Carnik Con

Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve been busy doing some wood work, actual work, moving, traveling, and enjoying the weather. I will try to write more soon.

This is where I was this past weekend. I will forever dream of this place:


June 5, 2014

Recently, as in a week ago, there has been a little drama between Colion Noir and Robert Farago. It frustrates me to read and watch this. The two of them are at the top in the gun blogging community. Why do you guys have to fight? You both know each other are doing great things for the gun world. Great, Farago wrote his opinion about the show. Ignore it if you don’t like what he has said about your show. Or learn from his criticisms. Maybe you do have some things you should change about the show. I’m sure Farago just wants your show to do well. We have enough people against us right now, let’s stop arguing among ourselves and put that energy towards something good for the community.

But I do want to see that challenge!


Your Internet Mom

“Fight nice you two”

On a lighter note, check out this fun little piece of technology that arrived today. Can’t wait to shoot it!!photo

May 23, 2014

I haven’t posted anything in a while for a few reasons. The main reason is I have nothing worthwhile to write about so I don’t write anything. Also work and school have been keeping me busy. But I thought I’d post some pictures of a fews thing I made for people. I have been turning wood for pen handles.

I made the first pen and base for my dad. I made the pen handle out of an exotic wood. The base is made out of a piece of drift wood my dad collected out of the lake near him. He had no idea why he was shipping me a piece of drift wood! The little arms that hold the pen are made out of polished brass. photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

The second pen and base I made was for my mother for Mother’s Day. I used a stained birdseye maple for the handle. The base is made out of square brass stock that I polished and milled a little pocket for the pen to lay in. If I made another I’d like to CNC engrave a message on the brass base. I think next I’m going to make a few more for my grandparents.

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2pen

If you already follow me on Twitter or Instagram then these are all old news. I’m sure no one was really wondering what I’ve been up to but I thought I should probably post something half way interesting. Recently I’ve become fed up with blogs these days and haven’t been paying much attention to what’s going on out there. I’m sick of reading misinformed information about firearms. And that new NOIR show. I just don’t get what all the raving is about.

“Higher” Education

I’m finishing up my degree in criminal justice right now and have become very frustrated with higher education. First off let me say that what I’m going to say obviously doesn’t apply to all colleges out there. I have been to 3 different schools over my college career but what I’ll say doesn’t go for all schools once again.

Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of professors think they are experts on topics they clearly aren’t. I feel they act like this just because they are professors and feel the students are soaking up everything they say. I think they view their students as their sponges and they want to push their ways on them. I’ve had classes where I’ve learned literally nothing except little things like obedience. I feel sometimes the professor just wants to teach you to obey them. I’m a senior in criminal justice, I don’t need to learn what the Sixth Amendment is about, again. 

What annoys me the most is when the professors act as if they know a lot about firearms yet the information coming out of their mouth is completely wrong. No, you can in fact work the bolt of a terribly loose Carcano fast. If you know nothing about firearms, don’t tell me “facts” about them. I go to a school where the students know very little about firearms other than that they are evil. They’ve never given the opportunity to learn a lot about firearms. Some are even very interested in firearms which is great to see. 

I notice this so much at the current school I go to. Recently I got into a discussion about the firearm that was supposedly used to kill President JFK. I actually started laughing at one point in the conversation just because I couldn’t believe they were so adamant about arguing yet knew nothing about the topic. Apparently, according to people in my class, a Carcano can only hold 4 rounds. Not everything you read on the internet is correct believe it or not!

I really think professors need to open their eyes and realize that their students could know more about a topic than them! Crazy I know. You have no idea who is out there in your audience. And please don’t bring your political views to class. That’s not why I’m paying you. 

Overall, I really have lost faith in higher education. But I guess I lost that a long time ago. 

A Few Recent Projects

I started making these little plant shelves for people. They mount perpendicular to the wall using some of what I like to call “key hole mounts”.

This will be the third plant shelf (not sure what to call them) I’ve made. I made this one slightly different because it was small enough (6″ x 6″) to fit on our lathe. The lathe allows me to machine some creative curves.

Below you can see the incline slowly taking shape:photo 1Then I moved to the outer parts and made them decline. Here’s a picture of the decline slowly being cut:

photo 2 Above you can see that the piece will have a slow decline. It almost looks like it’s drooping. I slowly increased this angle on the lathe. Below you can see the final shape:photo 4

After shaping the top on the lathe, I cut the angles on the bottom with the mill:

photo 2 (1)

Here’s the piece after sanding with 220 grit sand paper, the final sanding (I added a PMAG to the photo to give you a size comparison):

photo 3 photo 5

Next I applied a few coats of tung oil:




I put five coats of oil on it. I used steel wool in between each coat. Next I need a cup for the plant to go into it. For this we will 3D print the cup.

Here’s one shelf I just hung:

photo 1

photo 2

My other project that recently started is making wood handles for pens. I thought they could be fun little gifts for people. My dad’s birthday is coming up so I thought I’d make him a pen. Then I remembered he collects drift wood from the lake near him. So somehow I had him ship me a piece of drift wood. First I had to make the pen. I used a piece of exotic wood called ziricote. Then I bought the hardware for the pen. Next I had to turn the wood down to certain specs. Here’s the finished pen:

photo 1

The wood is a bit boring but it has some great lines in person. Next I made a base or stand. I cut a part off of the drift wood and made the cut side the bottom. This way you will never see the cut side. Then I cut the holes out for the support posts that hold the pen up. Next I machined the posts out of a piece of brass stock. I machined the top of the brass with a ball end mill for the pen to rest in. Then I cut the pieces to a certain length so the pen sits level. Next I polished and glued the brass into the base. Lastly we laser engraved “Happy Birthday Dad” on the back of it. I contemplated putting a few coats of polyurethane on the base but I think I like it raw. Here are a few pictures of the piece:photo 2

photo 3photo 4 I plan on making more pens in the near future. Thank you for reading!