April 14, 2014

This weekend some friends and I came up to the farm to do a little shooting and hunting. We did a little squirrel hunting while home:


And of course did a day of shooting:



And the best of them all:

20140413-144409.jpgThings get really weird when we are out shooting.

Saturday night, around 10pm, just as we were about to head in from what we thought was an unsuccessful night, we spotted about 6 deer around 120 yards away. My spot light didn’t quite go that far but one of the guys managed to shoot one. We tracked it till around 12:30 am. I insisted that we wait for a bit to let it die. Otherwise we are just going to be chasing it all night. Well, we ended up tracking it for about 2 hours in a valley with a creek running through it. Finally I saw it when one of my friends shined a light at it. I told myself enough is enough. I shot it and it died immediately. I’ve never had to drag a full grown deer up a steep muddy hill before this. Remind me never to do that again. I’m still exhausted.

Enjoy the week everyone and watch out for Cuomo trying to confiscate your guns!

We Aren’t Jacking Deer!

Last weekend my brother and I went and did a little deer hunting at night. We have nuisance permits because the deer do some serious damage to our crops. These permits from the Department of Environmental Conservation allow us to spotlight deer up till 11pm. Most people are not aware that we have these permits.

Neighbors and others pass by and see a spot light beaming from a pick up truck scanning deer. This raises curiosity with these people. They immediately believe that we are illegally hunting deer at night. Occasionally we’ll have people stop and watch us from the roads. I have yet to have the police show up. The Department of Environmental Conservation is always in close contact with us about our deer problem. They have described the trails through our orchards as highways.

Back to why I’m writing. Simon and I had this pack of about 6 deer in a field but they were sitting on the field side of a hedgerow that borders a main road. There lies a problem. I can’t shoot towards the road and I can’t shoot from the road. So I decided to hang out about 200 yards from them and see what they would do. We own this driveway that we drove down and allow the owner of the house that it leads to to use the driveway to get to his house. As I was going down this driveway, that is about 500 or so yards long, Simon noticed a vehicle following us. Keep in mind it is 10:30 at night in the middle of no where. And this house at the end of the driveway was empty because the owner was away on work. This vehicle was following pretty close behind me so I immediately turned so he couldn’t block us in. Just in case this person wanted to pull some shenanigans on us. You really never know with the people in this area.

Simon immediately warned me to be careful of them trying to block us from leaving. I was driving a giant Dodge pickup and this car seemed to like a small SUV. Something told me that nothing was going to stop me from getting away from this person if something were to happen. I stop the truck and put my hand on my handgun, wait for the vehicle to stop and I hear the driver ask “can I help you?”. I reply “nope, we own this property you’re on”. Turns out he was just making sure nothing was happening to his neighbors house because we drove back there.

This little confrontation made us realize that we aren’t out there alone at night. We are always being watched. We’d get less attention if we were on foot but the deer aren’t scared of vehicles. This allows us to drive around the farm quickly too.

March 31, 2014

Stand strong Connecticut, but hide your face. “Show us your face“.

Forearm skin“. This is the garbage I’m talking about that is ruining the gun industry. What a waste. Wear a pair of gloves when you “operate”. Or get one of them fancy new handguards that has detachable rails.

I know people won’t believe me but cutting a hole in the side of your magazine could cause some problems for the mag. I know you don’t believe me but I’ve seen it happen.

What a weird website. It’s almost like a photo gallery. Like a photographers website.

If people came to my door with guns on their hips I’d probably greet them with a gun and me screaming for them to leave my porch. I guess I don’t respond well to strangers at my door. Especially if I live in a high crime area! I really don’t know what I’d think they were doing at my door. I may not even open the door. I’m thinking I’d do all this even when I live in the middle of nowhere.

I started another one of these wood planters. Now I have two going at once. This planter is made from a block of bubinga wood. Bubinga is a beautiful kind of wood from Africa. Can’t wait to post pictures of this one when it’s finished. I’m going to try to machine the incline in the center on the lathe. Hoping this will allow me to get a more gradual incline but we’ll see what I end up doing. Pictures definitely don’t do this piece of wood justice. This one is 6″ x 6″ x 2″ thick. I’m really excited to finish these last two. I think they will be my last ones I make for a while. It has of become a bit like factory work. photoI really would love to try to make a pair of wood sunglasses. Unfortunately I would never wear a pair of wood sunglasses. If someone else would want them I’d need them in the area so I could make the glasses to their head. I need a good challenge these days I think to test myself.

March 24, 2014

A lot people are getting tired of the gun industry. What I mean by that is as follows. I have been hearing an increasing grumbling from number of people that are getting “over” the gun community. The non stop in your face nonsense that includes: operators, AR-15′s, helmets, useless camouflages, elite, delta, “I have the best scope on the market for my post apocalyptical operations”, unnecessary slide serrations, red dot sights on carry guns (NOT talking to you Jon!), ported slides, Travis Haley inspired crummy gear garbage, etc. People are starting to pull themselves away from the gun industry because there is just way too much crap.

My brother was just saying how whenever we go to Bass Pro or big box stores that it’s full of garbage products you don’t need. Whatever happened to have quality products. How about some decent handmade American made holsters? This past weekend I visited PHLster‘s shop. I always knew a few people could turn out some great products but they surprised me. It showed me you really don’t need a lot equipment and tools to create a holster. A lot of it is pure skill and knowledge (knowing how to use the tools you have). They made it look like holsters were simple to make. PHLster is making huge progress in their abilities to make holsters and the speed in which they can turn them out. Go check out his website and maybe even spring for one of his great holsters. I know you won’t be disappointed.


I started making one more of these wood planters. This one will be made from a piece of walnut.

photo 2

CRY BABIES OF THE WEEK: David and the AR-50

The following post was written by my brother, Simon Ingall.


It is as if the Italians have nothing to worry about in their own country. This is the biggest waste of the Italian governments time I’ve ever heard. The Italians must have forgotten that David represented civil liberties in the Florentine republic. You are going to cry over a company that “used your statue” (which is completely bullshit in the first place) for advertising because they don’t agree with what Armalite is selling.

I’m not sure there are copyright protections as this statue is from 1504 by Michelangelo who’s been dead since 1564! How many other pieces of art have been used in advertising in the past 200 years? To say that it “offends and infringes the law” is the biggest load of bull-shite I’ve ever heard of.

From Time.com the director from “Department of Culture” has this to say:

“Anyone who wants to use the statue of David for “promotional purposes,” said the official, “has to respect the cultural dignity (of the work of art).” But the director of the museum that houses the statue warned legal options may be limited.”

So this is all about “Respect”. You have little legal action because its old as hell and you don’t own a picture someone makes of a piece of rock. Maybe in Italy you can’t make advertising that is catchy and “pushes the envelope” which this doesn’t anyway. Oh and Mark Johnson, you’re a big cry baby too! You just pull your ad campaign after some gun hating cry babies pressure you? C’mon stop being a push over and make an ad campaign that actually gets talked about and make some history instead of being a pushover! This sounds to me like the new acquiring company didn’t like the ad campaign that the ad agency created before them.

What a bunch of cry babies!


March 7, 2014

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of people writing the saying “nobody ever left a gunfight wishing they brought less ammo”. I wonder if law makers of NYS have ever heard this before.

A lot of “big name blogs” are getting desperate for content lately and have been writing about nonsense. Like I’m one to talk but I don’t do these professionally. A lack of content that has any strength or credibility. Lately I’ve been skipping over a lot of posts in my rss feed, I’m sure my readers haven’t had any posts to skip over since I haven’t written anything either but really where is the content? Some of these bloggers only blog. They literally get paid to write. And nothing good is coming from it. The only person that can get away withe being bad at their job is the weather man. Write about something that is worth reading about. Not some stupid new product coming out.

Protecting your crops from bandits. Something I hope we never have to do. But it’s something that could happen. We’ve had people steal fruit, vegetables and plants from us in the past.

Here’s what I’ve been doing instead of writing:




Remind me never to take NyQuil again. I had the strangest experience with it the other night. I would have rather been up all night coughing than have that happen again.

Here’s a holster we made recently.


I wish more people would write about amazing firearms like this Lightning in .45 Colt or .357:
Today I heard a story about the first prototype (obviously a reproduction) of the US Firearms Lightning. Beautiful rifle. One day more people will appreciate firearms like this one. Uberti makes the particular one pictured above.

February 20, 2014

This is what we were up to this past weekend:
photo (1)

I hope he’s talking about me. But he also sounds like he’s talking about himself. I do have a blog that a few people read. Please, get off your high horse.

In case you were interested in learning more about the RPD.

Great video on a great pistol:

YouTube Preview Image

Pro Tip: Don’t leave your guns soaking in salt water

photo (2)

Been in the dark lately when it comes to internet. Sorry for the short post.

February 17, 2014

This is happiness:


I really like this old Iver Johnson ad I stumbled upon. One day we’ll have ads like this again…


I’m beginning to like wood working more than working on guns these days. When I’m in a shop everyday with more guns than one can imagine, I’m obsessing over silly wood planters. Cutting the angles on the bottom with the mill:


Here’s the planter with one coat of tung oil:

photo 1 photo 2

Next I’ve got to make a cup for the plants. Either it will be aluminum or 3D printed. Will post pictures later this weekend. Have a great week everyone.

February 10, 2014

You know what really gets me all agitated? When gun companies brainwash and misinform people. Or when respected “Youtubers” give their viewers uneducated information:

YouTube Preview Image

Top CCW?! Are you serious? The ejector is made out of cheap pot metal. The guide rod feels like it’s made out of a thick Q-tip. It just irritates me hearing popular Youtube channels and blogs admiring terrible guns. Get informed before you make silly remarks.

At the shop, the gunsmith and I really want to do a series where we point out how terribly designed some firearms are. Like the Ruger 22/45. Yes, I’ve got one but the takedown on this pistol is horrendous. The same stupid design has been in production since it was designed back in 1949. Don’t you think they could simplify it and make it so a guy that has been working on guns since he was about 13 years old and is now 60 years old could actually take the gun apart with ease?

Another gun, the Mauser HSc. They were trying to make the gun some modern pistol but then they have the slide and frame fit so damn tight you struggle to get it together after taking it apart. Also the transfer bar on it touches the sear only about 1/16 of an inch. Just doesn’t seem like a gun I’d want to rely on. What if that thin little wimpy transfer bar breaks, like one of ours did, and then misses that 1/16 of an inch of the sear. Or it just pops out of place because the spring that puts tension on the bar pops out and that doesn’t allow it to touch that tiny bit of the sear. Germans, I thought they knew how to make weapons.

*End rant*

I was shooting a M249 Minimi the other day at work, inside a small room. I think that was the worst thing I’ve ever shot inside. I actually stopped shooting with two rounds left. My teeth rattling and brain shaking loose from the shockwave and sound really wasn’t fun. What an impressive gun nonetheless.


I’ve started another wood shelf planter. I used walnut for this one. Here’s the curve being cut. It’s not exactly the right curve I want but I still have yet to figure out the best way to make it on a mill. The piece is too big to put on our lathe but I think next I’m going to make 3 smaller planters and I’ll use the lathe.

YouTube Preview Image

February 3, 2014

So what sort of gun can you buy for $150? You could get a Hi-Point. And everyone will make fun of you. And you’d never shoot it. Or you could get a used PF9. And have the ejector break on you and hate yourself for wasting money and falling into the Keltec trap.

Or you could get an awesome top break:


Ya, you should get one that is in .38 S&W so ammo is a little more available. But unfortunately I got one in .32 S&W because I like the frame size of the .32′s more. I have a lot of ideas for this gun. I may replace the front sight with a dime, re-nickel plate it, or blue it, or gold plate the cylinder. Maybe I’ll end up carrying this when I need a smaller framed pistol. Ya, it’s .32, some people wouldn’t even want to carry a .380 but I could see this as a great gun for the summer. Heck, it can be carried in the pocket.

A co-worker of mine recently bought an exposed hammer Smith top break in .38 with about the same length barrel. I think we are going to have simunition duels…I’ll post pictures of the gun when it arrives.


I’m really looking forward to shooting Caracal’s new pistols and possibly their rifles.

YouTube Preview Image

Hopefully this makes you laugh:

YouTube Preview Image